A little about how i got here!

February 06, 2013  •  2 Comments

So I am going to give my try and blogging this year. I hope to be able to blog every session and a few personal ones thrown in once and awhile. I am not a writer  so this is a big challenge for me however I feel its one I would like to take on. I believe I want to start my first blog post telling you all a little about the kindness of one man and how this simple kindness had a snowball effect and changed mine and my husbands life, literally.

I didn't always have this glam photography life...nope!  My story starts at Verizon Wireless where I had my first big girl job post college. I had a great run at that company as I met some of my closest friends, mentors and my Husband...score!  I had just landed my "big" promotion there and was one month into my new marriage when we found out we were expecting our first child.  It was alot sooner than what we had in "the plan" but none the less we were thrilled.  Panic set in as we tried to figure out our next steps, see we were on our way to relocating for my job when we found out we were preggers.  My husband was in a transition period, he had been laid off from a job he loved in IL and was working jobs he didnt want to yada yada.  We decided to halt the relocation and stay near family, I mean I had never even changed a diaper before my son was born so noway was i moving far away from family!  This meant i commuted 140 miles roundtrip everyday, pregnant and traveled all of IN, WI, IA, IL. This meant my husband stayed in a job he hated. This meant this newly married couples first year was spent more apart then together. We made it work with alot of ups and downs. I almost divorced him over undercooked spaghetti, sorry Curt.   Almost immediate after we found out we were expecting, my husband got a phone call from an application that was on file for years at the local steel mill.  They were starting up a new plant and were hiring.  The working conditions of the steel mills are less than ideal and its noones dream job,but, to us it meant Everything at that moment. It meant we could possibly have the family situation we had wanted. In his training class my husband stuck up a conversation with another newly hired guy, named Art.  A simple conversation that day with Art changed our life, literally.  Art kindly offered to help Curt study for an electricians test which would mean better wages for him etc. Curt passed the test, with the help from Art. This simple kindness snowballed into the following....

Curt landing a higher paying job that could support our growing family

I retired from my corporate job to stay at home and raise my child

I rekindled my love affair with my camera

I went back to school for photography

We paid off big bills

We bought things we never thought we would be able to

We had another baby that I could stay at home with

I started a photography business

We bought our DREAM house

I will have a home studio at our dream house

Now, things didnt go as perfect as they sound along the way we had our share of bumps and bruises as does everyone. I sit here finding it "fitting" to dedicate my first Blog of 2013 to Art to whom I had the pleasure of photographing him and his beautiful daughter recently.  Thank you Art, for your simple kindness that day in training class to my husband...your kindness started a chain of events that we are so thankful to YOU everyday.  Theres not a time thats gone by when I havent thought of you when i picked my camera up for a session and said a quiet thank you.  aap-5288


Stephanie Precourt(non-registered)
I love reading this story! So excited for you & what's to come!

Arturo de la Casa(non-registered)
This is exactly what I struggle to understand everyday “What is God’s plan for me?” My humility denies me the honor that you bestow because it was certainly not I that deserves any of the credit for your fate, my hand was only guided, I only adviced. What sparked your drive to be a better person is how close you hold God’s dagger to your heart. Just keep in mind when you create it is not just a picture but it is as sublime as poetry. As you venture and dream try to hold everything you pursue closer to your heart and you will then only thank God for your courage. Thank you for your kind words to which I will be eternally grateful.
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